OakPdf PDF editorOakPdf Signature Extractor

Remove background and get a high quality vector signature with transparency, from a photo of your handwritten signature.

Save time and extract signature for later usage in PDFs, in a single click. Use good photo with just your signature on it, on clean white paper, for the best results. The generated signature can be downloaded in SVG format.



Created by oakpdf.com


I have built this tool to quickly produce a vectorized version of handwritten signature written on a piece of paper. I know there are plenty of alternatives out there! But I couldn't find the perfect one, so I built my own neat online tool, which would complement OakPdf Online Editor feature set. The nice (unique? I am not sure) feature of the Oakpdf Signature Extractor is an image picker to change the pen color of the signature.

If you don't know what OakPdf is yet — it is a simple online PDF editor with superpowers to make your fully digital PDF look like it was scanned by real scanner. Save trees and use OakPDF!